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San Antonio, Texas has rapidly grown in the past few years. There is no surprise that between 2000 and 2010 it was declared the fastest-growing city in the United States.

With a population of about 1.5 million people and increasing, San Antonio also draws a lot of unwanted attention in the area. Even though you will encounter people that are nice and friendly, the city of San Antonio has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to crimes. Let’s dive a little bit deeper to see how safe San Antonio really is?

San Antonio doesn’t rank very well in terms of safety and a study made to show the top 50 safest cities doesn’t include San Antonio, Texas. Actually, San Antonio doesn’t even make it on the top 200.

What is the crime rate in San Antonio?

With a crime rate of 47 per one thousand residents, San Antonio is one of the cities with the highest crime rates in the USA compared with communities of similar sizes. Even comparing this number with cities of similar sizes, San Antonio still stands above average.

Crime rate includes data that come from both violent crimes and property crimes. According to data from an FBI crime report, the chance you have of becoming the victim of a violent crime is one in 158. Also, a lot of the crimes that take place in San Antonio are property crimes. The chances of becoming the victim of a property crime are one in 25, which converts to a rate of 40 per one thousand in population.

If you find yourself traveling to San Antonio, don’t feel discouraged by these statistics. It is, after all, a tourist destination with plenty of attraction for you and your family. Do use common sense in order to stay safe. Stick to well-lit areas after the sun sets and keep your valuables out of sight. Pick the most common routes and travel in groups.

Are there any safe neighborhoods in San Antonio?

We do have good news for you and that is that there are a lot of neighborhoods in San Antonio that are safe. If you plan to relocate, contact one of our top realtors in San Antonio TX and buy a home in one of these safe neighborhoods:

  • Fm Road 2696 / Wilderness Oak
  • Fm Road 2696 / Midnight Dr
  • Route 90 Service Road / Ray Ellison Dr
  • E Borgfeld Dr / Dal Cin Dr
  • Route 211 / Route 16
  • Smithson Valley Rd / Laurie Michelle
  • Mesa Ranch / Mesa Ridge
  • Luke Blvd / State Loop
  • Road / Harney Rd
  • Scenic Oaks

Is San Antonio safe for tourists?

The main attraction points of San Antonio are located downtown, riverwalk and market square which are frequently patrolled by police, bicycle cops and park rangers. You will encounter little to no safety risks around these areas. All the locations that feature important touristic attractions should pose no safety risks. 

The main freeway system drives a lot of traffic to the heart of San Antonio and a lot of tourists also draw thieves so keep an eye open for your values. Also, there are quite a few car hijacks being reported every day, so make sure you park your car safely and avoid leaving any valuable items inside your car.

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