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A short drive away from Winston Salem, NC (about ten miles on Interstate 40), Clemmons has turned into one of the trendiest relocation destinations in North Carolina. The city has recently undergone considerable development, hence its rapid growth. The elaborate infrastructure of surrounding highways makes commuting to larger cities in the vicinity pretty effortless. People preferring small-town vibes and stability choose Clemmons over any crowded metropolitan area. As a result, this lovely place ranks number one on the livability charts in Forsyth County. Expert local real estate agents in Clemmons North Carolina will certify this fact. Under such circumstances, moving to Clemmons can be a profitable decision for you and your entire family. First step: housing! Buying a home on a budget in Clemmons is a piece of cake. Contact local real estate agents in Clemmons NC, to get the ideal solution! Professional realtors in Clemmons NC carefully follow the latest housing trends and obtain the latest listings. So, they can provide you with the perfect real estate based on your housing requirements. Purchase an inexpensive house, condo, multi-or single-family home, land, and lots in the best neighborhoods in Clemmons, such as Waterford, Clemmons West, etc.! Buying the finest properties has never been more straightforward with top realtors in Clemmons NC! Renting a home in Clemmons is also a superb option for accommodation in the town. Turn to the best local real estate agents in Clemmons North Carolina, with confidence to get a budget-friendly rental! Listed Clemmons apartments for rent are updated daily. Once you give realtors in Clemmons NC a shout-out, they can offer you a splendid rental unit equipped with the amenities you need. Are you looking for a condo with a pool? No problem! Are vacation rentals your thing? Search no more!
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Since the local economy is going through a revival, a new influx of house-hunters decided to relocate to Clemmons. As a result, they’re scouting the region for affordable property. Home sellers can now expect even multiple offers for their assets! Get in touch with well-qualified realtors in Clemmons NC, to represent your financial interests best. Besides, they can lift the burdens of a complex house selling procedure off your shoulders. Selling a home in Clemmons will go down smoothly and is highly profitable if you work with these housing experts on the top of their game! Let local real estate agents in Clemmons NC be your foolproof and reliable partners regarding home sales, property purchases, or rental listings in the city!

Discover the affordable housing market in Clemmons, North Carolina!

Housing prices are on the rise in the town! Local real estate agents in Clemmons NC  reported in February 2022 that the median home sale price was approximately $330,000. In layman’s terms, it translates to a 23 percent growth compared to last year’s statistics. A thorough inspection of Clemmons’ housing trends highlights that real estate prices started to increase in April 2021 to about $340,000 and reached their all-time high in August the same year to around $370,000. Let’s see how Clemmons compares to the rest of the state! Clemmons’ property for sale prices is approximately 29 percent higher than the North Carolina average. At the same time, rentals are also pricier than the state median by about four percent. Experienced realtors in Clemmons NC recommend home buyers to buy real estate in the region before another price surge. To get the attention of home sellers! Real estate sells after approximately 31 days on the market instead of 41 days of active listing in 2021. Sellers can seldom attain an amount above the list price. Top-ranked local real estate agents in Clemmons NC have reported a moderately competitive housing market in the town with affordable prices. In other words, the real estate market creates an excellent ground for property investors!

Examine Clemmons through the looking glass economic-wise!

The unemployment rate in Clemmons is meager, only 4.6 percent instead of the national average of 6 percent as of late 2021. Also, financial analysts predict a bright future regarding job growth in the area: 1.6 percent in the short run and 35 percent in the next decade. Business growth contributed to a significant rise in locals’ wages. Clemmons citizens earned approximately $35,000 annually, while the average median household income was $53,500. Both surpass the US median. Moreover, the cost of living in Clemmons is about seven percent lower than the American average. 

The prevailing industries in the area are healthcare and social assistance, food processing, and manufacturing (for instance, Joyce Foods and Van Vooren Game Ranch.) Construction and retail trade provided many well-paying jobs for residents too. In addition, education (for example, the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium), professional, and scientific services offer top employment opportunities in the Village. Get in touch with trustworthy local real estate agents in Clemmons NC, to get first-hand information on local career tips!

Get acquainted with Clemmons, North Carolina!

Here are the essential things to know about Clemmons before moving. Clemmonsville boasts an impressive history, dating back to 1802, the year of its foundation. Located in the Northwestern Piedmont section, many call Clemmons a village. Yet we genuinely believe it has outgrown its limitations ever since. Thus, we consider it a small town and a slice of peaceful and undiscovered paradise with countless potentials. Actually, it’s an up-and-coming suburb of Winston-Salem, NC. Its strategic location within the Winston-Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area and the so-called Piedmont Triad pushed its economic progress in the right direction.


Clemmons’ total area of twelve square miles provides residence for approximately 22,000 locals in 2022. At first sight, you might conclude that Clemmons has nothing to show off with. However, that’s an understatement, and you wouldn’t be further from the truth! Most notably, Clemmons provides tourists and locals with first-class recreational activities outdoors and indoors. Firstly, the Tanglewood Park features the Rose Garden and Arboretum, a magnificent sight. Get ready to explore several family-friendly facilities, such as horse stables and a dog park. At the same time, Mallard Lake welcomes fishing enthusiasts. Besides, local real estate agents in Clemmons NC assure you haven’t seen anything quite like the Tanglewood Festival of Lights! The town intends to address many sport-related demands and hasn’t forgotten about golf players’ dreams. Enjoy masterful golf links at Salem Glen Golf & Country Club in the company of other golf fanatics! Realtors in Clemmons NC will concur that these two gorgeous venues were only the tip of the iceberg in the town.

Is it worth moving to Clemmons, North Carolina?

Let’s get the most critical answers out in the open to your most burning question. Should you move to Clemmons? The town graduated with excellent grades from the top two perspectives, housing, and economy. You’ll find a thriving economy with low poverty and unemployment rates (both scored better ratings than the national average!) The place can provide you with excellent options career-wise in virtually any domain. Secondly, you can buy or rent a cost-effective home in Clemmons. In this chapter, skilled local real estate agents in Clemmons NC can efficiently assist you! 


Residents’ feedback on living in Clemmons is predominantly positive. The place has earned an above-the-average livability score. Clemmons crime rates beat the North Carolina average by 25 percent, ensuring a genuinely family-friendly atmosphere in the local neighborhoods. It might seem cliche, but locals promote a formidable sense of community. The presence of numerous parks and incredible scenery (featuring abundant hiking trails), in general, boosted the overall poise and feel-good vibes of the place. One of the multiple perks of relocating to Clemmons is enjoying the benefits of local public schools. West Forsyth High School, in particular, is the county’s largest and most acclaimed high school. On the downside, public transportation is an issue local authorities still have to address appropriately.


In conclusion, Clemmons hasn’t become a trendy relocation destination by accident. Realtors in Clemmons NC can confirm that newcomers quickly adapt to the beautiful and family-friendly setting. Clemons is the ideal choice for you and your family!