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Seeing as you reached this page, you’re probably thinking of possibly relocating to Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Well, we can tell you that you’ve made a great decision. Real estate agents in Dearborn Heights MI are ready to walk you through the stages of a real estate transaction whenever you are. In the city of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, you’ll find one of the most affordable housing markets in the state, and combining that with the wide variety of amenities makes for a great place to live. Realtors in Dearborn Heights MI will advise you towards the best investment opportunities in their city and tell you how things stand regarding the local real estate market trends. The city’s manufacturing industry provides opportunities for those looking to work in the domains available. As part of the Detroit metropolitan area, there are great opportunities just 20 minutes away by car. This bedroom community, also known as a suburb where people throw their feet up and relax, is ideal for those working manufacturing jobs, giving them the best opportunities just to unwind. Real estate agents in Dearborn Heights MI believe in their town and want to see it develop further and inspire potential residents to call it their home as well. Figuring out which of the top-ranked realtors in Dearborn Heights MI is the best fit for you and your family is up to you. All we can do in that regard is list their names and attributes for you to take your pick. Keep track of what is happening to this growing community and get in touch with the top-ranked real estate agents in Dearborn Heights MI. Let them know what you’d like to know, and they’ll supply the answers as swiftly as possible. This Detroit suburb looks forward to mesmerizing you with its calm and tranquillity so typical for bedroom communities.
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If you’re looking for a place where you can rest your head after a long day’s work, then you’ve come to the right place. Many things can be said about Dearborn Heights, Michigan, but busy, hectic, chaotic is not amongst those. Just ask the local realtors in Dearborn Heights MI what they think about their city, and they’ll fill you in instantly.

Housing Market in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

The realtors in Dearborn Heights MI, tell us their housing market is a dream for any investor or individual interested in purchasing a home. This city gives a lot more “house” for much less money than other cities, and real estate agents in Dearborn Heights MI can give you some great examples. However, the most important thing is the medium home value, as that is the basis for any real estate transaction. We’re sure you’ll be pleased to find out that Dearborn Heights homes are listed at a median price of $160,000, and they sell for a median price of $147,000. 

Now, as those are the median values, if you are interested in something more luxurious, spacious, or both, know that it’s difficult to find homes valued above $1 million in Dearborn Heights. That, however, doesn’t take luxury or space out of the equation. You can easily find four-bedroom homes that have been previously owned for $700,000 or new construction for $550,000. You should know that prices only go down from there. The cheapest four-bedroom home available through real estate agents in Dearborn Heights MI, is priced at $90,000, but a luxury four-bedroom home can be bought for approximately $350,000. There are some hidden jewels to be found in this city, and realtors in Dearborn Heights MI know them all.

Job Market in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Keep in mind of the housing expenses in Dearborn Heights when you look at the economy’s status in this city and remember that it’s located 20 minutes away from Detroit. As a bedroom community, the job market was less of a focus for the local administration. There has been a steady increase in incomes that parallel the state’s and US median income, and new employers are moving in the city every day. The local real estate agents in Dearborn Heights MI can tell you that the median household income in their city is $50,000, but there is a significant variation based on the industries.

For example, Utilities is the highest paying industry with a median income of $83,000, while Information provides median earnings of $56,000. The Manufacturing industry employs the largest number of people in the workforce, around 16%, while Health Care and Social Assistance stop short of 14%. As a predominantly manufacturing state, realtors in Dearborn Heights MI know that most of the economy is based on manufacturing, even in their city. Still, the city grew because of this industry, and those working in the field are highly specialized.

Living in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

With some great education establishments in and around this bedroom community, families can relocate here to find a calm and tranquil place for their children to grow. Amenities are easily accessible throughout the city, while both housing and the cost of living are affordable for families that are taking their first step together in life. Young professionals have access to Dearborn Heights, Michigan’s manufacturing industry, as well as the vast job opportunities available in the city’s larger cousin, Detroit. 

Regarding education, the local real estate agents in Dearborn Heights MI can name the best schools available in their city. Still, GreatSchools rated 40 public schools from the city as good or higher based on their evaluation system. The best is Charles A. Lindbergh Elementary School and Bryant Middle School for elementary or middle school children. 

The Greenfield Village is an excellent option for some family fun entertainment, while the Automotive Hall of Fame is a fascinating museum dedicated to automobiles and auto racing enthusiasts. For those who don’t mind stretching their legs a bit, realtors in Dearborn Heights MI will promote the Rouge River Gateway Trail through wooded areas that provide a welcoming breath of fresh air. We’ll let real estate agents in Dearborn Heights MI, tell you more about their city; just give them a call any day of the week.