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Relocating to a new city is a daunting experience most of the time. Aside from uprooting your family, you have to get used to a new city, make new friends, and settle down in a foreign place. Real estate agents in Plymouth MI can help you figure out whether their city will fit your lifestyle. Taking a look at the economic aspects of a city and the housing industry is detrimental when it comes to moving somewhere new. Besides their expertise, realtors in Plymouth MI can show their clients what their city offers its residents. From high median incomes to the relatively costly way of life, the city of Plymouth, Michigan, manages to create one of the best suburban communities within half an hour away from Detroit. Real estate agents in Plymouth MI can show you the best options for your dream home. This relatively small suburban community is located at the western edge of Wayne County. With around 9,000 residents the city of Plymouth, Michigan, is surrounded by Plymouth Township. Realtors in Plymouth MI will tell you that the two are administered separately and autonomously. Located only 10 miles west of Detroit, the city covers an area of 2.22 square miles of predominantly single-family home residential areas. Real estate agents in Plymouth MI, however, don’t describe the city as a bedroom community - a community where people usually sleep but don’t really activate much. The city of Plymouth, Michigan, isn’t that as it provides great amenities to its residents, high safety ratings, great schools, and delicious restaurants. Just contact realtors in Plymouth MI and see what they have to say about their city. You’ll find some of the best real estate agents in Plymouth MI below and their contact information available as well. Up next we’ll get into more detailed information about this city.
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Only 30 minutes away from downtown Detroit, the city of Plymouth, Michigan, in the state’s southeastern corner, can be reached by I-96. With easy access to a good quality of life, many Detroiters settle down in suburbs just like this, allowing them to be close to work and have a relaxed lifestyle at the same time. Realtors in Plymouth MI promote this upscale community across the Detroit area, for those looking for a quaint town with high-quality restaurants and close to the big city so nightlife is easily accessible.

Housing Market in Plymouth, Michigan

The city of Plymouth, Michigan has a demographic of primary families with children younger than 18. According to real estate agents in Plymouth MI, there are around 19% of underage people in the city and approximately 16% are 65 or older. This makes a median age of 41.6 years, with women being around 2 years younger than men. This predominantly makes up the city of workforce age. As the best suburb for young professionals in Wayne County, the city of Plymouth, Michigan enjoys a certain appeal for younger generations working in the area. That helps the top-ranked realtors in Plymouth MI grow their business as it is also the sixth-best suburb to buy a home in the county.

The city’s housing market is relatively stable even in times of struggle and turmoil. Due to the high quality of life provided for the city’s residents, the cost of living has risen through the housing prices. While the state’s median value is at $281,000 and the big city’s median prices are at $63,000, Plymouth has another story to tell. Real estate agents in Plymouth MI understand the high housing prices and those living there can also explain the reason so don’t be alarmed by the median cost of $395,000 at the start of 2022. Contact the local realtors in Plymouth MI and read on about the city’s job market and lifestyle in order to see the logic.

Job Market in Plymouth, Michigan

Based on the information real estate agents in Plymouth MI shared with us, the city’s unemployment rate is below the state’s average at 3.2%. With an average income of $115,000 the city of Plymouth, Michigan was named the second-best job market in the state in 2021 among cities with over 5,000 residents. The city’s median age ensures a labor force participation of over 60% of the population across the many industries available in the area.

By far the highest-paying industry in this city is the utility sector with median earnings of $148,000. Still, following we see the manufacturing industry generating median incomes of $94,000. The manufacturing industry is the largest employer in the city. Realtors in Plymouth MI told us that most of the city's residents work in management positions and these provide the second-highest paying jobs with median earnings of $113,000. If you have a background in law, you can look into legal occupations in the city as real estate agents in Plymouth MI know they have the highest-income median at $138,000.

Living in Plymouth, Michigan

Keep looking at more information about this city but realtors in Plymouth MI can help answer all your questions. There’s no reason not to contact them if you’re planning to Move to the Detroit area. A city like this doesn’t only offer a comfortable atmosphere and lifestyle, but also a safe one. Unlike the much bigger city with a famous bad boy attitude, the city of Plymouth, Michigan, is the complete opposite. The job industry is growing, safety ratings are comfortable and sought-after by the many young families moving there, and there really aren’t many reasons to avoid visiting. Many people living here commute for work to Detroit and can enjoy a lively but relaxing atmosphere at the end of the day in their much smaller community. 

So contact some of the best real estate agents in Plymouth MI from the list above and ask them any questions you might have about this small suburban town from Michigan. Start planning your next steps and make sure your family’s life will be as great as it can.

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