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If you’re planing to relocate to Farmington, Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. This page can work as the starting point for the next stage of your life. Farmington, Michigan is the place that sparked your interest. There are many things that real estate agents in Farmington MI can tell you about their city and the more you find out about the city, the easier it will be for you to decide whether it is the right place for you. Realtors in Farmington MI are the most equipped to supply you with the information you are looking for. From real estate knowledge to the best brunch place in Farmington, if you contact real estate agents in Farmington MI you will find a great place to live and enjoy the relocation process. If you’ve ever had to move before you probably know what a hustle it can be. However, by working with realtors in Farmington MI, you’ll be packed and ready to go before you know it. There’s no point in spending hours browsing through listings that are either outside of your budget or not suitable for your family. A realtor in Farmington MI will make sure you spend time on properties that will become your dream home because a dream home isn’t bought, it’s made. Furthermore, if you have any questions, real estate agents in Farmington MI are ready to answer them in a jiffy. You will be able to find their contact information below, so feel free to give them a call. On the same note, if you want to find out a bit more about Farmington, Michigan, but don’t want to get with realtors in Farmington MI yet, then read on. We’ll make sure to cover basic information about what life in Farmington, Michigan is like so that you can make an informed decision together with your family.
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Located in the northwestern corner from the city of Detroit, Michigan, the much smaller city might lead one to think, pales in comparison. However, those living in Detroit are looking for different things than those contemplating about moving to Farmington. The city’s location has it’s appeal as it ensures a slowed-paced way of life than Detroit while also having access to the perks of a much bigger city. Not everything in this city is perfect and some might even see it’s proximity to Detroit a downside, but development and growth don’t come alone.

According to realtors in Farmington MI, living in their city one should expect a dense suburban feel with plenty of restaurants and coffee shops to go around. Young professionals and families alike find the city of Farmington, Michigan to be a great fit and the public school system is highly rated overall. But let’s see what else the city of Farmington, Michigan can bring to the table for you to see that it can be great small town for a growing family with high aspirations.

Housing Market in Farmington, Michigan

When it comes to the real estate market, we need to hand it over to real estate agents in Farmington MI. With over 10,000 residents, the median age of the city’s population is 38 years and over 33% of them have at least a bachlors degree, while over 22% also received their graduate degree. Only 2.12% of the population stopped at the 12th grade. The city’s population is interested in educational opportunities and development provided by the city’s and areas educational system. This is why realtors in Farmington MI will make sure to keep that in mind if you’re planning to start a family. Quality education and safety are the most important factors for parents and their children. 

The median home value in the city is at $358,000 according to real estate agents in Farmington MI, with the Farmington Historic District being the highest appreciating neighborhood in the city. While realtors in Farmington MI will be able to find properties are priced above $1 million or below $100,000, over 90% of all housing is priced between $136,000 and $542,000. It’s easy for people to purchase homes as over 60% of the city’s residents are homeowners. The remaining 40% pay an average rent of $1,200. The densely suburban feel we mentioned earlier gives way to the city’s housing types. Real estate agents in Farmington MI can either show you single-family homes from a pool of 57% of the housing market, or apartment complexes which make up 30% of the city’s housing. It all depends on your family’s lifestyle and needs. If you want your children to live in a more dynamic and social atmosphere, apartment complexes can be appealing, but if you like them to grow in a quaint area, single-family properties are plenty to choose from.

Job Market in Farmington Michigan

While the city’s cost of living is around 3% more expensive than the rest of the country, realtors in Farmington MI understand the financial make-up of their city. A median household income in Farmington, Michigan is $83,000 providing families with a comfortable lifestyle. Most people work in manufacturing industries, the second most specialized industry, followed by the professional, scientific and technical services industry, which is the most specialized industry and the highest paying industry with median earnings of $80,000. 

When it comes to occupations, the most common and most specialized positions are those in computer and mathematical occupations, which comes forth in earnings with median incomes of $83,000. The fifth being management occupations. The highest earning occupations are those in architecture and engineering positions with median earnings of $86,000.

Living in Farmington Michigan

According to several real estate agents in Farmington MI and niche[dot]com, the city of Farmington is the forth best suburb for young professionals in Michigan. So if you want to enjoy the great community in Farmington, Michigan, go for a walk through the beautiful parks or sip a cup of coffee in the cute downtown area, don’t hesitate to contact realtors in Farmington MI to get the latest scoop. This awesome small town in Detroit’s metro area is waiting for you to pay it a visit. See how the atmosphere is and if it feels right. 

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