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Interested in the Fruitland Idaho Real Estate? Rural, and really proud of its fruits (like the name says), Fruitland is jokingly referred to as “Idaho’s Big Apple”. But the abundant apple orchards in the Fruitland Idaho Real Estate is the only resemblance with New York; we are talking about a tiny town, with a population just under 5,000 people.

Sure, like the whole state, Fruitland is growing fast. But, still, their greatness is not this one. Their spirit aims for something else.

Located in the high banks of two major rivers of the Western Treasure Valley, the Fruitland Idaho Real estate is a good place for people looking to settle down; not so much for young people. No 24/7 intense life. Peace-and-quiet is what you get there: it's the fourth most-safe city of the all-around safe Idaho State! Combine that with the beautiful landscape and nice weather of this Payette County city, you’ll be able to safely do a whole lot of nothing, if you want! Otherwise, there are several activities you can do with this tight-knit community that is so focused on their quality of life.

Contact one of the local Fruitland Idaho Real Estate Agents to get to know more of this great city, conveniently located 1-hour away from state’s capital Boise.


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