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Are you fed up with the annoying metropolitan commotion? And all you need now is a breath of fresh air to mellow out and take a siesta? Then, you must be seeking a quiet and delightful American town free of modern-day hassle. Search no more because we have found a gem for you! Pleasant View 100 percent lives up to its name! Let’s embark on this journey and investigate this sprawling yet lovely town, serving as an outstanding location from so many perspectives! Explore a compassionate community with friendly neighbors and tons of unique and mesmerizing outdoor and indoor activities! Secure and family-friendly neighborhoods will await you with exceptional schools to create the perfect environment for your family! Are you fascinated with the idea of moving to Pleasant View, TN? If so, contact local real estate agents in Pleasant View TN. Expert realtors in Pleasant View TN know how to meet your expectations and satisfy your housing needs! They are the best out there regarding buying and selling real estate in Pleasant View! Top-ranked real estate agents in Pleasant View TN are consistently up-to-date with the latest housing news and trends. So you don’t have to despair about anything. First, select a residential or commercial property. Then, let realtors in Pleasant View TN deliver you the most relevant listings. Do you wish to buy a townhome, a single-family or multi-family house in Pleasant View, TN? Let’s get you hooked up with the best homes, equipped with various amenities. Note, however: all come in tip-top shape! Local real estate agents in Pleasant View TN are also the ultimate choice to help you purchase one-of-a-kind condominiums, lofts, and lands! Did we mention that realtors in Pleasant View TN will get the most affordable and cost-effective homes for you and your family? Secondly, you can also rent a unit in Peasant View. Find a reasonably-priced rental with the best real estate agents in Pleasant View TN! You can now rent a low-priced apartment and house in the best and safest neighborhoods!
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On the other hand, you might be interested in selling your property in Pleasant View, TN! If you choose local real estate agents in Pleasant View TN, they will guarantee you practicality, professionalism, high efficiency, and courtesy! Why would you take on all the stress a house sale implies? With top-ranked realtors in Pleasant View TN, you can unburden yourself from the unnecessary headache listings, inspections, staging, and finances trigger. Sell your house, condo, land, any type of property fast and with the highest return! Instead, let real estate agents in Pleasant View TN, fight this monster! Besides, they work with the most reasonable commission rates. Still, realtors in Pleasant View TN will get a boost of joy from skillfully representing you, the client. Indeed, they have the sellers’ interest at their heart! So, what’s stopping you from reaching out to real estate agents in Pleasant View TN?

How is the real estate market in Pleasant View, Tennessee?

As of December 2021, the median property sale price was approximately $435,000, which translates to an increase in home values by about 47.5 percent since 2020. Real estate sold after roughly 34 days of listing in this period instead of 45 days in 2020. Thus, we can notice a higher demand for Pleasant View real estate. Over the last three years, home values were susceptible to change in the city. In March 2019, local realtors in Pleasant View TN reported a median sale price of $230,000. Since then, prices have shown a steadily stable and increasing tendency. Real estate prices in the city are 43 percent higher than the state average. At the same time, you can rent an apartment in Pleasant View for about 80 percent more than (almost) anywhere else in Tennessee.

Numbers prove that purchasing real estate in the city is a pretty lucrative investment! Here is some food for thought for new house-hunters in the area. Starting from October 2021, property values in Pleasant View grew by about $85,000 in only two months! In other words, the local housing market is, by all means, competitive! To uncover more details about your property investment options in this gorgeous town, get in touch with top-ranked real estate agents in Pleasant View, TN!

Study the local economy in Pleasant View, Tennessee!

In 2021, the unemployment rate in Pleasant View was four percent, two percent below the national average. In the meanwhile, jobs have grown by about 2.5 percent. The local economy is rising, and the sky is the limit! Would you believe that the cost of living in Pleasant View is approximately 3.2 percent higher than the American average? And it’s 19 percent pricier than the Tennessee median. Likewise, the town reported an impressive average household income, with approximately $93,000. No wonder Pleasant View has recorded an exceptional livability score all around recently! With a super-low poverty rate of only 4.96 percent, the place is a natural financial titan. As a reminder: nationally, the US poverty rate was 13.4 percent in 2021.

If you decide to move to Pleasant View, you’ll for sure find a great career waiting for you in one of the following professional domains: educational system, health care, retail trade, and finance and insurances. 

Gripping things about Pleasant View, Tennessee, you don’t want to miss!

Pleasant View in Cheatham County is about a couple of minutes northwest of downtown Nashville, TN. Its total area is 12.6 square miles. According to the 2021 census, the population of Pleasant View counted around 5,110 residents.

Be sure not to miss the Pleasant View Community Park in the city, offering a splendid venue for leisure. Once there, a hiking trail and soccer field ensure that the entire family will have the best of fun times! Visit Balthrop Park too! The Park provides its visitors with a covered pavilion, playground for kids, and a baseball field. Also, you can attend the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department Parade and Picnic, a genuinely spectacular show! Leatherwood Distillery is another essential place to visit in Pleasant View, serving the best whiskey in the region! Don’t forget; the local realtors in Pleasant View TN are constantly at your service in any domain you have inquiries! 

Pleasant View, designed for families

This charming town features the fastest-growing community in Tennessee. Many locals and newcomers confirm that they’ve found an excellent place in Pleasant View to raise their families. Children can receive a five-star education at the Pleasant View Christian School, Sycamore Middle School, and Sycamore High School. Besides, the town provides the same career options, shopping, and entertainment venues you can find in the most renowned metropolitan areas. However, forget the small-town feel when it comes to healthcare! Within thirty miles, you’ll find four nationally acclaimed hospitals! In addition, Pleasant View boasts the title for one of the safest cities in Tennessee! Did you know that the city’s crime rate is about 69 percent lower than the Tennessee average?

Also, the town welcomes new businesses, which will undoubtedly thrive here. The place draws workers from the neighboring areas, providing them ample opportunities in various industries. Let’s see some of the top employers in Pleasant View! Amazon, the accounting company Deloitte, Walmart, Dell Technologies, Verizon, Home Depot, etc., have all well-established headquarters here. Contact local real estate agents in Pleasant View TN, to check your housing and career options! See how a small town sheds its shackles and outgrows its boundaries as they expand the city with brand new neighborhoods. Be a part of this idyllic community! 

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