What Is The Crime Rate In Hampstead NC?

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The small community of Hampstead, NC, can be found in Pender County, around 30 minutes away from Wilmington, North Carolina. As can be expected from small communities, Hampstead manages to maintain a good standard of living for its approximately 5,700 residents, and safety is one of the factors that influence this.

With a 40% increase in population since the last census in 2000, Hampstead and Pender County saw a decrease in the number of crimes reported. The safety levels increased as a result and are now considered higher than those from the Wilmington Metropolitan Area or North Carolina State. North Carolina has many options for people thinking about relocating, and Hamburg is one of the best small towns to live in the state.

Safety in Hampstead, NC

Overall, a lot has changed in Hampstead, NC, over the last 20 to 30 years. The general idea about safety ratings remains good, and people have a significant impact on this. In a small community, the sense of community is intensified, and people have it in their nature to look out for each other. When there is a problem, the community gets involved, and the police are very responsive and helpful.

Compared to the State of North Carolina, the crime rates will encourage people to consider moving to this small community, a tiny gem on the eastern coast. While the overall crime numbers per square mile are at 3 in Hampstead, North Carolina goes as high as 26; the national median is 31.1. Regarding violent crimes, Hampstead deals with 0.91 instances for every 1,000 residents, while the state median is 3.78 per 1,000 residents. Property crimes are slightly higher than violent crimes, with a median of 10.92 for every 1,000 residents in Hampstead. Still, North Carolina has to deal with values that surpass the national median at 24.94.

With a decent variety of things to do in Hampstead, the residents of this unincorporated area enjoy a peaceful way of life that incorporates the ocean and everything it has to offer. Real estate agents in Hampstead NC, will give you a few tips while they show you around the best listing for those looking to buy a home there.


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