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  • Stepstone Realty, Llc

    Hiroki Irino

    Mobile: 1-210-802-7262    Office: 1-210-802-7262   

    Website Agent Listings Contact Hiroki Irino

    "We stop foreclosures, take over mortgage debts and payments, professionally manage loans. Owner Financing Expert.  LREA TREC #672263 Cell: (210) 802-7262 [email protected]  Licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Texas with StepStone Realty LLC, License #0572467" ...

    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    I specialize in: San Antonio, TX - Cibolo, TX - Universal City, TX - Schertz, TX - Shavano Park, TX - Converse, TX - 

  • Keller Williams Realty

    Sherry Marsh

    Mobile: 1-806-570-7273    Office: 1-806-570-7273   

    Website Agent Listings Contact Sherry Marsh

    "It feels great to know that I am one of the top local real estate agents in San Antonio, TX. My website has a ton of resources that can help you search for your new home. Feel free to use my website, free of charge and with no strings attached. If you need representation or just have any questions at all, I'm always here to help. Call me " ...

    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    SHS – Senior Housing Specialist
    The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    I specialize in: New Braunfels, TX - San Antonio, TX - La Vernia, TX - Cibolo, TX - Garden Ridge, TX - Schertz, TX - 

  • Lee Easter, Inc.

    Lee Easter

    Mobile: 1-512-422-4022    Office: 1-512-255-1111   

    Website Agent Listings Contact Lee Easter

    " Native born Texan! Graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in history Member of various clubs and organizations, including Rotary International, the Sigma Chi Fraternity Alumni Association, and The University of Texas Longhorn Club. Hobbies include international travel (especially on ocean cruises), snow skiing, Broadway " ...

    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    I specialize in: Round Rock, TX - Cedar Park, TX - Lakeway, TX - West Lake Hills, TX - Georgetown, TX - Austin, TX - 

  • "CLICK on Listings and you can search for any home in the entire MLS. Licensed as a Real Estate agent in the state of Texas in April 1995 while stationed at Fort Hood, TX. After living in Naples, Italy, the military moved us back to Texas. I reactivated my license here in San Antonio, TX in April 2001. I have sold many residential homes and land " ...

    ABR, Accredited Buyer Representative
    CRS®, Certified Residential Specialist®
    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    GRI Graduate REALTOR Institute
    SFR - Short Sales and Foreclosures
    The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    I specialize in: Cibolo, TX - Converse, TX - San Antonio, TX - Schertz, TX - Fort Sam Houston, TX - 

  • Century 21 Northside

    Jerry Birdsong

    Mobile: 1-210-570-7675   

    Website Agent Listings Contact Jerry Birdsong

    "   Welcome, my new friend.I am a 34-year Navy veteran with a passion for putting our servicemen and families into homes. Our team makes it happen for you! Ongoing affiliations with San Antonio Coalition for Veterans and Families (SACVF) , Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals.Certified with National Association of Realtors " ...

    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    Military Relocation Professional (MRP)
    The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    I specialize in: Converse, TX - Fort Sam Houston, TX - Lackland, TX - Randolph, TX - San Antonio, TX - Castle Hills, TX - 

  • Home Team of America

    Joe Pabon

    Mobile: 1-210-240-9027   

    Website Contact Joe Pabon

    " Joe proudly served in the U.S. Army in the 1990's, It was there that he learned nursing and became a Licensed Nurse specializing in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care. Joe has been a nurse for over 16 years. His attention to detail and compassion for others and their needs have made him a Realtor that listens and understands what his " ...

    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    I specialize in: Universal City, TX - Schertz, TX - Converse, TX - San Antonio, TX - Alamo Heights, TX - Castle Hills, TX - 

  • At Home Texas Realty

    Kelly Ann Cameron

    Mobile: 1-210-859-4700    Office: 1-210-859-4700   

    Website Agent Listings Contact Kelly Ann Cameron

    "As your real estate agent, I am here to help you navigate the sometimes intimidating task of buying or selling your home. I learn what factors are important to you and take the time to explain any aspects of the process in which you are curious or concerned about. My goal is to make sure you have the best access to the marketplace and complete " ...

    ABR, Accredited Buyer Representative
    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    Military Relocation Professional (MRP)
    The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    I specialize in: New Braunfels, TX - Bulverde, TX - Spring Branch, TX - Garden Ridge, TX - Cibolo, TX - San Antonio, TX - 

  • keller williams legacy

    Maureen McCann

    Mobile: 1-210-854-1311    Office: 1-210-482-3200   

    Website Agent Listings Contact Maureen McCann

    "Welcome to the best resource for searching for homes, provided by Maureen McCann, Keller Williams Legacy A house is not a home because of its room dimensions or the color of the walls. It is about how you feel when you walk through the front door. And the way you can instantly envision your life unfolding there. This is about more than " ...

    Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO)
    The Multiple Listing Service Mark

    I specialize in: San Antonio, TX - 

Zipcodes covered by agents in San Antonio, Texas

Have you noticed how The San Antonio Spurs are steadily contenders every NBA season? It’s not a generational thing; it’s a culture! And it mirrors the situation of its city. The constant growth of San Antonio in the last decades is pretty remarkable; the population almost doubled between 1970 and 2005. The area boasts a pleasant climate, favorable job market, and plenty of entertainment for both kids and adults. Whether you're a young professional or a couple looking to start a family, San Antonio is the perfect place to make your new home. All you need to do is call one of our San Antonio Real Estate Agents to help you out!
Yes, because to buy a home (or sell!) in such a big city (1.5 million people!) with such a small-town feel, is not easy. You need all the help you can get. San Antonio was founded as a Spanish settlement in the frontier territory supported by the cattle industry. The city was known for its diverse blend of cultures from all over the world. And that remains, as you can see with the San Antonio Real Estate Agents listed on this page!

The military - one great real estate related career - and civil service sectors provide a lot of San Antonio's jobs although the city is also a hub for the oil, gas, healthcare, financial service industries, and, lately, the tech industry. San Antonio Real Estate Agents can also brag about the city’s education system. San Antonio is served by 17 public school districts, and, while its public schools have received favorable ratings in recent years, the numerous amount of private and charter schools offer parents plenty of choice in their child's education. So, regardless if you prefer Public School or Private School ; San Antonio will be a great place for your children’s education. Higher learning-wise, The University of Texas and Texas A&M University also maintain campuses in San Antonio.  
San Antonio Real Estate Agents can tell you the area has a variety of attractions to keep you busy in your downtime. It's most distinctive feature is the River Walk, a series of pathways that run along the banks of the San Antonio River in the downtown area. The River Walk provides a scenic route to get around town, and many restaurants have patio areas situated near the path. But you have many other attractions to enjoy if that’s not your thing. Did you know that the first modern art museum in Texas is in San Antonio? Yes, the McNay Museum. With its gorgeous 24-room Spanish Colonial-Revival home, could easily be at our Best Museums in the USA list. Want something even more historic? What about The Alamo; one of America’s most important landmarks – and such a big part of the city, that its nickname is “Alamo City”.  And if you don’t care about that at all… well, there’s a SeaWorld, a Six Flags and countless other popular attractions.

With its hot summers and mild winters, a strong economy and many employment opportunities, homes for sale in San Antonio don't stay on the market long – contact one of our San Antonio Real Estate Agents today!

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What Makes A Good Real Estate Agent?

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Home Types Home Buyers Often Overlook

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