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Would you like to invest in a sure-hit real estate market? Or do you plan to move to a quality neighborhood in The Lone Star State? Buying a property in Prosper, Texas, can get you access to many perks, such as expertly built and designed houses, terrific schools, a booming economy, and so much more! Let us bring to your attention right away, though, that real estate in Prosper doesn’t come cheap! Let’s embark on this fascinating journey to discover the average home value in Prosper Texas and what you get for your buck!

Let yourself be convinced about the advantages of moving to Prosper Texas!

Living in Prosper TX comes with the whole package! Suppose you’ve always dreamt about thriving in a tranquil master-planned community surrounded by scenic landscapes and filled with parks. Additionally, you want to benefit from fantastic employment opportunities or be close enough to major metropolitan areas, such as Dallas, TX, or Fort Worth, TX.

In that case, we advise you to contact top-tier local real estate agents in Prosper Texas at your earliest convenience! They can sweep you off your feet with numerous reasons to move to Prosper. Yet, seeing this superb town in Collin and Denton Counties will speak for itself.

How is the housing market in Prosper Texas?

Our analysis is based on statistics published till the final quarter of 2023! In Q4 2023, the real estate market in Prosper TX is moderately competitive. On average, the number of homebuyers exceeds the housing supply in Prosper; thus it qualifies as a seller’s market. Homes listed typically receive three offers. In addition, there’s a wiggle room for buyers to negotiate a better price or terms. On average, properties in Prosper sell three percent below the list price and go pending in approximately 50 days. 

It goes without saying that hot homes in trendy neighborhoods like Windsong Ranch or Lakes of Prosper are more expensive. However, the pending period is much less, around 20 days.

What is the median price of Prosper homes?

As of October 2023, the median home sale price in Prosper TX was approximately $813,000 (almost double the national average). In other words, you’ll have to pay the price to receive that legendary Southern hospitality.

Property prices have grown steadily in this up-and-coming community since Q3 2020. Home values spiked in March 2022, slightly above the $1,000,000 threshold. Since then, prices have moved between $800k and $9000k. With no foreseeable decrease in property values, we recommend investing in residential or commercial real estate in Prosper now!

Why is it worth paying more for a house in Prosper Texas?

Many homebuyers, primarily from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, chose Prosper as their home. Therefore, its population has grown spectacularly from 31,000 (2020) to 41,700 (2023.)

Prosper delivers luxury homes and fashionable neighborhoods.

What made them come and stay here, though? There’s a new wave of new home communities in Prosper. For instance, Highland Homes, a newcomer yet reliable entry to the building industry, caters to the comfort and luxury of homebuyers. The line doesn’t end here! 

Star Trail, Lakewood, and Light Farms have also become popular destinations due to the Tool Brothers and their extravagant architectural style. Other heavy-weight champions in the business, American Legend Homes and Southgate Homes, are also present locally.

Take advantage of the growing economy in Prosper Texas!

Living in Prosper means easy accessibility to major Texas cities, like Dallas, McKinney or the city of Frisco TX. As you can imagine, the booming housing market goes hand in hand with a prospering economy. Prosper is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metrop Area with a steadily growing job market (boasting a 48 percent job market growth predicted in the next ten years!) No wonder the unemployment rate in Prosper is below the national average. 

Prosper schools also excel!

The sprawling economy has impacted the educational system most positively. We already knew that Texas figures on the list of the most proficient schools in the States. This charming residential community provides some of the best schools in Texas, such as Windsong Ranch Elementary, Lorene Rogers Middle School, and Prosper High School. 

On the downside, just like in the case of home values, the cost of living in Prosper is above the US median by about 12 percent.


The favorable economic circumstances shaped home values in Prosper. On the one hand, properties are indeed pricier, and the cost of living is higher than that of the average American. On the other hand, everybody can see what they’re paying more for. Homes, even the more affordable ones, are in excellent shape because they were built by professionals, following the latest architectural styles. The perks of relocation here are breathtakingly abundant from a top economy and safe streets to being part of a warm community. 

We can’t recommend this gorgeous city enough! At the end of the day, Prosper Texas makes for an excellent place to live.

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