Definition of "Agency agreement"

Craig  Shatilla, Broker real estate agent
Craig Shatilla, Broker, Real Estate Agent RE/MAX Advantage

Written document containing instructions on managing one's assets during one's lifetime. The document may be revoked (unless made irrevocable at creation), terminated, or amended at any time by the creator of the agreement provided that person is competent to make the decision. The power the agent has to make decisions for the creator of the agreement may be broad or narrow. The agent is prohibited from disclosing information about the assets held under agreement to anyone without the creator's permission. The power of an agent to act under the agency agreement terminates if the creator becomes incompetent unless the creator has signed a durable power of attorney. Upon the death of the creator, the agency agreement terminates, which requires that all of the assets under the agreement must be probated before they can be distributed to the creator's beneficiaries.


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