Business Owners Policy—section I Property Coverages

Definition of "Business owners policy—section I property coverages"

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Contract that details coverage for business property losses in three specific areas:

  1. Coverage A (Building). All buildings on the site are covered with no coinsurance requirement and on a replacement cost basis toinclude: the buildings themselves; the owner's personal property used to maintain the building (s) and provided to tenants; permanentfixtures, equipment and machinery; improvements and betterments by tenants; removal of debris; and outdoor furniture and fixtures.
  2. Coverage B (Personal Property of the Business). All personal property used in the business on the premises, as well as personal property of others under the care, custody and control of the owner of the building used to operate the business; and limited coverage for items temporarily away from the premises of the business as well as for property purchased and placed at a new businesslocation.
  3. Coverage C (Loss of Income). Reimbursement for loss of income because of inability to collect business rent; interruption of normalbusiness functions; and extra expenses associated with resuming normal business activities as the result of the damage or destructionof business property by an insured peril. (Optionally, under Section I, coverage can be extended to insure against burglary, robbery,theft, employee dishonesty, and boiler and machinery explosion. Earthquake damage can be covered through an endorsement.)

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