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Welcome to the one and only real estate market, where fortunes are made or lost overnight! Are you intrigued by taking a lucrative position in the restless US real estate industry but don’t know which job you’d like the most? Keep reading to discover how many jobs you can choose from!

What does the US real estate market revolve around?

Generally, the real estate industry handles property rentals, purchases, and sales. This can refer to undeveloped property and built-up residential and commercial structures. Many real estate occupations (and not only the best-paying jobs) are available for qualified individuals capable of leading the process of selling real estate, building new properties, obtaining mortgage loans, maintaining rental properties, and listing real estate for sale. And we have barely scratched the surface yet!

Most typically, everybody associates with expert local realtors, brokers, or agents when asked about real estate. The truth couldn’t be further! People can choose from different jobs in real estate that don’t imply selling a house or condo. Also, in this profession, there’s a genuine risk of a market crash (especially during a recession) and professional burnout. Then, they can switch to alternative jobs for real estate agents  instead of burning all bridges behind them. 

All professions will have a special place at the real estate dinner table!

Today, real estate has become a flexible industry that hosts professionals in a large array of fields, such as legal matters, law, construction, development, marketing, teaching, finance, investments, you name it! Suppose you wish to assist in the purchasing, managing, or selling of properties. Then, you’ll have a free hand in choosing commercial, residential, or retail real estate. Instead of focusing on the most famous jobs in real estate, like agents and brokers, let’s focus our attention on some professions known to a lesser degree! Nonetheless, they can potentially become the highest paying jobs in real estate!

Property managers

Property managers will control, manage, and operate the day-to-day procedures of rental properties. They will be preoccupied with tenant relations, maintenance, rent collection, and lease administration. The US rental market is rising in numerous cities. For this reason, the demand for skilled property managers has surged. Did you know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted a ten-percent growth in property management jobs in the upcoming decade?

Real estate appraisers

Do you need a reliable person to determine the value of your real estate? Then, call a real estate appraiser! Lenders, sellers, and buyers use expert appraisals to make informed decisions about real estate transactions. According to the BLS rough estimates, employment of real estate appraisers will increase by twenty percent by 2030. After all, a thriving market needs objective property valuations! Not only appraisers but home inspectors will also be in great demand!

Find countless career opportunities in construction and development!

The construction and development sectors in real estate can’t exist without civil engineers, architects (known as the artists of the real estate world), contractors, developers, subcontractors, and construction managers. Without these professionals’ input, building new properties would be impossible. They ensure that new projects meet the highest safety, functionality, and design standards.

Real estate analysts and researchers

As technology made a lasting impression on real estate, a new type of professionals appeared on the block for whom market data and analyses are sacred. Analysts and researchers provide indispensable insights into market dynamics. Their work helps successful investors and developers make reasonable decisions in the hottest real estate markets. The need for people trained in data analysis and market research will increase as technology (most notably green energy technology) continues to develop.


Understanding the many real estate careers available helps determine which industry sector suits your abilities and interests. However, certain conditions must come to fruition. Before picking one of the available jobs in real estate, you need to consult the official requirements for pursuing a career! 

Formal education (at least a high school diploma), training programs at the best real estate schools in the US, finishing real estate licensing courses, and degree programs provide a solid foundation for your future career. Also, we recommend staying current with the national market trends and keep networking within the industry. Still, it would be best if you put particular emphasis on accumulating practical experience through internships or entry-level positions!

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