Corporation Stock Purchase Plan

Definition of "Corporation stock purchase plan"

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Same as term Close Corporation Plan: prior arrangement for surviving stockholders to purchase shares of a deceased stockholder according to a predetermined formula for setting the value of the corporation. Often, the best source for its funding is a life insurance policy in either of these forms: (1) Individual Stock Purchase Plan (Cross Purchase Plan), much like the partnership cross purchase plan. Each stockholder buys, owns, and pays the premium for insurance equal to his/her share of the agreed purchase price for the stock of the other stockholders. (2) Corporation Stock Purchase Plan (Stock Redemption Plan), similar to the partnership entity plan is a better choice if the number of stockholders is large. The corporation purchases and pays the premiums on the amount of insurance needed to purchase the decreased stockholder's interest at the price set by the predetermined formula. These premiums are not tax deductible as a business expense, but the death benefits are not subject to income tax. Life insurance owned by the corporation is listed as an asset on the corporation's balance sheet. Ownership of life insurance on the stockholders thus increases the corporation's net worth, and if permanent insurance is purchased, its cash value would be available for loans in the event of business emergencies.


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