Equity Indexed Annuity

Definition of "Equity indexed annuity"

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Modifications of the single premium deffered annuity, which usually guarantees at a minimum a return of a stipulated amount (usually at least 90% of the single premium accumulated at the annual rate of 3 or 4%). Additional interest can be earned that is linked to an increasing specified stock index. Thus, this insurance product guarantees the principal of the investment (single premium), while at the same time providing the opportunity for increasing values tied to the equities market. Under the standard nonforfeiture law, there must be guaranteed at the minimum 90% of the single premium accumulated at a rate of at least 3% interest per year. The index most often used as a link to this product is the S&P 500. Should the equity index increase, the invested single premium could be credited with a percentage of that increase, typically ranging from 50 to 100% of that increase. These contracts have terms ranging from one to fifteen years and at the end of the term, the owner/ANNUITANT can start a new term or transfer the cash value to another product. Should the contract be terminated before the end of a term, frequently the owner/annuitant forfeits all index gains and will receive only the minimum return guaranteed.


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