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Definition of "Fidelity bond"

Lisa McGill
Lisa McGill Keller Williams Realty

Coverage that guarantees that the insurance company will pay the insured business or individual for money or other property lost because of dishonest acts of its bonded employees, either named or by positions. The bond covers all dishonest acts, such as larceny, theft, embezzlement, forgery, misappropriation, wrongful abstraction, or willful misapplication, whether employees act alone or as a team. Businesses often bond their employees not only because the insurance will pay for the losses, but also because the bonding company may prevent losses by uncovering dishonesty in the work history of a new employee. Since a fidelity bond makes up only a part of protection against theft, other crime insurance is mandatory. Employee dishonesty insurance is usually bought through an individual fidelity bond, blanket position bond, commercial blanket bond, or a name schedule bond.

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