Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity Fpda

Definition of "Flexible premium deferred annuity (fpda)"

Eric Schmitt
Eric Schmitt KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, Atlantic Partners

Contract sold by an insurance company under which the premium payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, semiannually, yearly) may vary and the amount of each premium payment (usually subject to a minimum of $100) may vary. This contract pays a monthly (or quarterly, semiannual, or annual) income benefit for the life of a person (the annuitant), for the lives of two or more persons, or for a specified period of time. These income payments are scheduled to begin at a specified later date. The annuitant can never outlive the income from the annuity. While the basic purpose of life insurance is to provide an income for a beneficiary at the death of the insured, the annuity is intended to provide an income for life for the annuitant.

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