Life Insurance Illustrations Model Regulation

Definition of "Life insurance illustrations model regulation"

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Regulation set forth by the national association of insurance commissioners (naic) to govern life insurance sales illustrations. Includes the following major provisions:

  1. POLICY OWNER must be provided an annual report of the policy status if illustrations were used in conjunction with selling the policy.
  2. An agent must sign the illustrations with copies furnished to the insurance company and the policy owner.
  3. The COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE must be notified by the insurance company if a policy is to be sold with or without illustrations.
  4. Illustrations' non-guaranteed elements cannot be more favorable than the lesser of the currently payable scale or the disciplined current scale as defined by law.
  5. Specific format guidelines must be followed by the illustrations.
  6. Illustrations must contain a narrative summary and a numerical table, as well as tabular details.
  7. The regulation applies to all individual life, group life, and certificate life policies with the exceptions of individual and group annuities, variable life, credit life, and those life policies whose death benefits are less than $10,000.
  8. The board of directors of the insurance company is required to appoint an illustration actuary who must certify on an annual basis that the illustrations meet the requirements of the regulation.

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