Definition of " margolin act"

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Legislation passed in California that establishes procedures applicable to any worker who incurs a job-related injury. This act has far-reaching implications for workers compensation insurance in other states also. Under the act, the employer must provide the Employee's Claim for Workers Compensation Benefits form upon an employee's request or within 1 day of his or her injury. A series of penalties and fines is established in the event that claims rightfully due a claimant are inappropriately delayed. For example, one fine could result if indemnity payments do not begin within 14 days of the employer's knowledge of an employee's disability. Another tine could result if the entire compensability investigation is not completed within 90 days. Attorney's are required to provide prospective clients at the initial consultation with an Attorney Fee Disclosure Statement, which states attorneys' fees for handling the case, and also encourages the prospective client to use instead the Office of Benefit Assistance and Enforcement, which provides its service at no charge. It is a requirement that this form be signed by both the prospective client and the attorney.


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