Naic: Model Life Insurance Disclosure Regulation National Association Of Insurance Commissioners

Definition of "Naic: model life insurance disclosure regulation national association of insurance commissioners"

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Model state law of the NAIC that requires that the insurance company and agent provide a prospective insured with written information concerning the cost and benefits of the life insurance policy under consideration for purchase. The information to be provided must be in the form of a buyer's guide and a policy summary. The buyer's guide is written in language that is dictated by regulation and must contain information concerning: the appropriate amount of life insurance to purchase; a comparison of the costs associated with the purchase of similar life insurance policies; and the various kinds of life insurance policies available to fit the prospective insured's requirements. The policy summary must contain: premiums to be paid each year for the initial five-year policy period; cash values at the end of each year for the initial five-year policy period; dividends (if a participating policy) each year for the initial five-year period; and death benefit each year for the initial five-year period. In addition, the name and address of the insurance company must be listed, as well as the insurance policy's generic name.

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