State High Risk Pools For The Medically Uninsurable

Definition of "State high risk pools for the medically uninsurable"

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State plans that provide health insurance coverage for those who are unable to purchase medical insurance. Coverage is provided by a specially formed nonprofit-making pool comprised of all the health insurance companies doing business in that particular state. The pool offers the insurance coverage to those residents of the state who: have been rejected for health insurance coverage by at least one insurance company; and/or have higher premium payments for a currently insured plan than that required by the pool; and/or have insurance under a rated health insurance policy or have a restrictive rider attached to that policy. The typical lifetime maximum benefits in most states is $500,000 with a $500 deductible. The waiting period in most states is usually six months if the applicant has been treated for a medical problem within six months of the application. Generally, in most states the premium paid by the insured ranges from 125% to 150% of the standard premium rate for that of an individual health insurance policy purchased through a standard carrier.


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