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Located on the Eastern coast of Florida’s northern half, the city of Palm Coast, FL can pride itself with amazing beaches, great weather, amazing outdoor activities and a fair share of history. It is very difficult to limit the beauty of this city to one thing that Palm Coast is best known for.

Most of the coastal part of Flagler County is under Palm Coast, FL jurisdiction. The city has over 70 miles of saltwater and freshwater canals that can be navigated by kayaks, canoes or small boats. The best-known thing about the city of Palm Coast as a whole is the coastal life it provides for its retired residents and the countless amenities that they can enjoy.

Living by the coast

There are very few things that can make life better than sand beneath your feet, water-related activities and a healthy lifestyle. All of these are available in Palm Coast, FL and if we are to look at the city’s growing population it would be clear to understand why.

Housing in Palm Coast

Most people would want to live by the ocean in waterfront properties but most cities have unaffordable housing that only allows most of us to dream of a home like that. The real estate market in Palm Coast, FL is much more affordable when it comes to those fascinating properties with private piers


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and the ocean as your backyard.

For those who want to avoid the strong coastal winds, there are countless other options available inland on the many canals constructed throughout the city. Those properties also have access to the Matanzas River as well as the Atlantic Ocean and they give accessible transit routes all the way to Daytona Beach in the south, or to St. Augustine in the north.

Real estate agents in Palm Coast FL can help you along with a smart and affordable purchase so that you also can enjoy this kind of life.

Amenities in Palm Coast

As a city within Florida borders, golfers can enjoy some amazing golf courses both away from the ocean shore as well as mere feet away from the waves. Restaurants are plentiful in Palm Coast, FL and have a great variety when it comes to tastes, cuisines as well as targeted clientele. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dimly lit dinner for two or a place that can serve a party of 30 people, you’ll be able to find it easily.

Access to water opens up a whole list of activities. You can go and lounge on the beach, go for a swim, or fish in either saltwater or freshwater without even leaving the city’s borders or spending any money. Other amenities related to water are kayaking, canoeing, boating, paddling, whale watching or dinner on a yacht. But if you’d rather stay on land there are plenty of parks to walk, trails to hike or bike on, historical places to visit all while you’re exercising. It’s no wonder Palm Coast has a low crime rate considering the kind oflife one can lead in this coastal paradise.


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