Stop Loss Reinsurance

Definition of "Stop loss reinsurance"

Kim  Ryan
  Coldwell Banker Burnet

Protects a cedent against an aggregate amount of claims over a period, in excess of a specified percentage of the earned premium income. Stop loss reinsurance does not cover individual claims. The reinsurer's liability is limited to a stipulated percentage of the loss and/or a maximum dollar amount. The stop loss method protects the cedent against the possibility that the aggregate value of an accumulation of small losses will exceed a specified percentage of earned premium income of a particular class. Stop loss reinsurance is the exact opposite of the quota share reinsurance and surplus reinsurance, and differs considerably from other forms of EXCESS OF LOSS reinsurance. For example, a reinsurer can provide a cedent with 50% of the amount by which aggregate incurred losses of the cedent in any year exceed 70% of the cedent's earned premium income during that year.

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