Theft, Disappearance, And Destruction Policy (FORM C)

Definition of "Theft, disappearance, and destruction policy (FORM C)"

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Combination policy plan of fidelity insurance and crime insurance under five standard agreements:

  1. Insuring Agreement dishonesty of employees on either a COMMERCIAL BLANKET BOND or BLANKET POSITION BOND basis.
  2. Insuring Agreement coverage inside an insured's premises or a bank premises if money and securities are lost due to dishonesty, disappearance, or destruction.
  3. Insuring Agreement coverage of money and securities being transported by an insured's messenger outside an insured's premises if they are lost due to dishonesty, disappearance, or destruction.
  4. Insuring Agreement IV coverage if an insured accepts counterfeit U.S. or Canadian paper currency or money orders of no value.
  5. Insuring Agreement V coverage for depositor forgery if an insured's own commercial paper is forged or altered. Additional coverage's can be added through endorsement, including check forgery, paymaster robbery, broad form payroll robbery coverage both inside and outside an insured's premises, broad form payroll robbery coverage inside premises only, burglary and theft of merchandise, forgery of warehouse receipts, wrongful obstruction of securities or losses from safe deposit boxes, burglary of office equipment, theft of office equipment, paymaster robbery inside premises only, and forgery in use of credit cards.

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