Yearly Price Of Protection Method

Definition of "Yearly price of protection method"

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Actuarial procedure used to determine the cost of protection of a cash value life insurance policy on an annual basis. This cost of protection is developed by the following steps:

  1. Cash value at the beginning of the year plus the premiums paid in for that year are summed up, and the total is multiplied by an assumed interest rate factor of (1+i), resulting in the theoretical end of the year CASH SURRENDER VALUE;
  2. From the theoretical end of the year cash surrender value, the actual cash surrender value at the end of year and the dividends during that year are subtracted. The resultant figure is the sum allocated for MORTALITY CHARGES for that year;
  3. The sum allocated for mortality charges for that year is then divided by the AMOUNT OF RISK (face value end of the year cash surrender value) per $1000 of FACE AMOUNT.

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