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As in the case of every great American city, there are ups and downs, pros and cons of moving to Austin, Texas. You may have heard by now that Austin, the capital of the Lone Star State, is an up-and-coming metropolis with the fastest-growing development rate. Besides, it presents locals and newcomers with unique economic perspectives. 

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Though pricey, the housing market offers a variety of housing options, from affordable condos and houses to luxury single-family residences and villas. Your best bet is to contact experienced local realtors in Austin TX, today! Based on your budget range, they can show you around first-class properties in the area!

Let’s dive deep and explore what living in Austin genuinely feels like!

What are the cool perks which make you proud to be an Austonian?

Experienced travelers refer to Austin as one of the best places to visit in Texas. And the smartest ones have decided to relocate here ultimately. Let’s see why! 

Austin is a friend of independent businesses.

Do you dream about launching your business in Austin? Then, we have the most fantastic news for you! Austin supports self-reliant business ventures, such as opening a bed andbreakfast


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or a brand new restaurant with local flavors. 

The City of Austin Small Business Division provides a guideline and resource directory for small local business associations on how to thrive in the area and increase their brand awareness. And the local community appreciates their efforts and backs them up.

Austin has creative vibes written all over!

The vibrant artistic and cultural life is outstanding in the city. No wonder Americans imagine Austin as the second Portland with all sorts of weird stuff going on. By weird, we mean creative input supplied by musicians, artists, and teachers. These wonderful people have provided a genuinely inspirational atmosphere that’ll suck you in and never let go. 

Austin is synonymous with fun times.

Relax your muscles, for you’ll need them later on mind-blowing indoor and open-air activities galore. Prepare for trails for running, walking, and hiking, for instance, by the Colorado River with small lakes in its immediate vicinity. Residents just adore being outside, so you can socialize easily with them.

On the other hand, you might call yourself an indoor person. Then, you can have a jolly good time in theatres, cinemas, and art exhibitions. At a particular moment, you might find yourself paralyzed by so many must-do things to do in Austin, Texas.

What are the slightly disappointing aspects of living in Austin, Texas?

You’ll have to put up with only a few pesky features once you live in this colorful city. Let’s see them one by one!

Traffic jams and inadequate road infrastructure

Have you ever had the feeling of being trapped and can’t get out? Traffic in Austin can “surprise” you with that uncanny sensation, especially during rush hours. The city once known as Waterloo wasn’t initially designed to host so many people (reaching 1 million), and it shows. 

The road infrastructure can’t deal with many commuters, drivers, and new people moving in almost daily. For instance, Austin lacks a simple bypass route system directing drivers around the city. We recommend you plan your drive around noon or a later hour in the evening to avoid traffic congestion.

Waiting in line is a thing here.

Do you wish to order a cheeseburger or hotdog? Would you quench your thirst with a Cola? You have to wait in line first! Venues exhibit signs informing clients: “Stand here to form a line!” 

Austin will teach you how to endure the heat.

Get ready for the summer heat in Austin’s humid subtropical environment! Heat sets in around April at 80 Fahrenheit, an average reaching above 100°F by August. Therefore, you can “enjoy” long and blazing summers, but winters are mild and short. So, don’t dress up too warm!

Final thoughts

Suppose the experience of living in a major American metropolis always fascinated you. Then, you should give Austin a chance! The capital of Texas features all the essential ingredients to make you happy professionally, financially, and as a cultural human being. 

What separates Austin from the rest of the significant metropolitan areas is that it provides a more humanistic approach, a stronger sense of community, and unbelievable business, creative and artistic prospects. Plus, homes are more affordable, and the cost of living is slightly lower than in other major American cities.


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