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Space that is available to all tenants or owners, such as a courtyard, main entrance, elevator, and pool.

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Donna Frazier Donna Frazier said:

Is common area classified to be considered an adjacent property?

Dec 27, 2023  08:19:07

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Hello Donna! Thank you for reaching out to us!

An "adjacent property" defines properties located next to each other, with a shared boundary or close proximity. On the other hand, "common area" generally refers to spaces within a property intended for shared use by all residents or tenants.

You'll find common areas in multi-unit residential buildings, such as apartment complexes or condominiums. In addition, commercial properties like shopping malls or office buildings also have common areas. These areas could include amenities like lobbies, hallways, elevators, parking lots, gyms, pools, or shared outdoor spaces.

Common areas can be located adjacent to individual properties in some cases. However, the term "adjacent property" is more commonly used to refer to neighboring properties rather than the shared spaces within a specific property.


Jan 15, 2024  10:36:52
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