Definition of "Scenic easement"

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Easement with the objective of keeping scenic beauty or to forbid constructing something else blocking that view. The property is retained in its natural setting.


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Comments for Scenic Easement

Tammy Farrell Tammy Farrell said:

When “scenic easement” is written into deeds so as to maintain an unobstructed view of a lake, does it include not parking cars, boats, etc. in a way which blocks the view?

Jul 23, 2021  06:05:03

Real Estate Agent

Hey Tammy! Thank you for reaching out to us. Scenic easements were set in place for the protection and preservation of land areas with natural beauty. To do this, restrictions were imposed against development that might impact or detract from the use and value of those areas. However, how scenic easements are used during appraisals changed over the years. Usually, real estate appraisal easements are limited to developments that might hinder the view. Considering that these easements can include limitations like no development of any type, no billboards, no dumping of offensive materials, no cutting of timber, and so on you, should check what your easement specifies. If it doesn't specify anything regarding cars, boats, etc., then it does not work against such obstructions of view.

Jul 23, 2021  09:36:12

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