Definition of "Corner influence"

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Josh Benoit, Real Estate Agent Coldwell Banker

Additional value of property bounded on two sides by intersecting roadways. Generally speaking, corner influence adds value to property when compared to abutting inside lots. The chief advantage of a commercial corner lot is that it has twice the street frontage steadily declines in importance as the following order: retail commercial, financial, office, hotel, apartment, ordinary retail, wholesale, residential, and undeveloped or rural areas. For residential purposes, increased street frontage may be a disadvantage when considering the increased traffic hazard and associated environmental and noise pollution. Corner influence includes several advantages particularly for commercial purpose:

  1. There is greater exposure and access to automobile and pedestrian traffic.
  2. The increased exposure provides greater effectiveness for window and sign advertising.
  3. Zoning and building codes normally allow greater building area.
  4. There is increased light and air.
  5. There is greater ease of access and egress.

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