Definition of "Unjust enrichment"

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Person or business that benefits from the work of another person or business. The recipient has not compensated the other party for this gain. In law, the one being enriched at the sacrifice or detriment of the other party must provide restitution. assume an electrician did work for Mr. Smith who suddenly died before making payment. The new owner of the house is legally obligated to pay the bill.

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Comments for Unjust Enrichment

Ken Wilder Ken Wilder said:

can the doctrine of unjust enrichment apply when a buyer / seller benefits from the work, effort expertise and outlay of money of a real estate agent, only to have that buyer/seller buy / sell on their own ?

May 30, 2020  11:41:13

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Ken! There are different types of listing agreements that have different terms and requirements. We have an article about what you need to know when you hire a real estate agent that talks about the different types of listing agreements. Whether unjust enrichment applies to that particular situation is a matter that needs to be addressed by a real estate attorney, since there could be gray areas. We highly suggest that in this situation you reach out to a real estate attorney.

Jun 11, 2020  12:24:16


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