Definition of "Disclaimer"

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(1) Giving up an ownership claim to property. (2) Renunciation of a claim to real property.


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Comments for Disclaimer

Pamela L Knee Pamela L Knee said:

I signed a disclaimer without knowing what it was at the time. Now I am getting a divorce and he is selling. Will i still get half the property value?

Apr 18, 2022  15:49:37

Real Estate Agent

Hey Pamela! Thank you for reaching out to us! When it comes to disclaimers, it depends solely on what is specified in the disclaimer and what isn't. For this situation seeing as we have very limited information related to your situation, we advise you to either contact a real estate attorney or a divorce attorney in order to figure out the best corse of action.

Apr 19, 2022  11:51:36

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