Discriminatory Inducement

Definition of "Discriminatory inducement"

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Real estate property incentive offered for reasons other than individual merit. A discriminatory inducement is an effort to get an individual to buy or sell, rent, or lease real estate through the unfair use of bias.


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Comments for Discriminatory Inducement

Brenda Brenda said:

Is inducement just money?

Mar 01, 2020  06:55:03

Real Estate Agent

Hey Brenda! Inducement is the ability of an individual or an entity to persuade or lead someone to do something. Discriminatory inducement, as a general term, is more specifically targeting one's ability to persuade someone to discriminate against another. In real estate, it can refer to the fact that some real estate transactions are taking place as a result of unfair prejudice. The efforts of one to convince another to buy, sell or lease because of discriminatory reasons is a discriminatory inducement. Money is usually involved but it is not directly connected with the term.

Apr 06, 2020  12:47:04

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