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Fort Mill is a city in South Carolina that is located in York County. Fort Mill is about 19 miles south of downtown Charlotte, and about 8 miles south of Rock Hill. With a population of about 17,000 people at a median age of about 36 years old, Fort Mill prides itself in its small but friendly and welcoming community.

Fort Mills' location offers it’s residents a climate with four seasons. Winters are cold with rainy days and summers are hot and humid. The climate here in Fort Mill might not be the best one but it is not the worst in terms of comfort and low temperatures.

On the other hand, Fort Mill is known for an extensive nature preserve consisting of 2,300 acres of natural beauty. A perfect place for nature lovers who like to explore the wonders of this place by following the trails featured here either on foot, on a bike or through a horseback ride.

On the other hand, Fort Mill’s has a rich history that is highlighted through memorial parks and a Confederate park located in downtown Fort Mill. Numerous businesses are prospering in the city of Fort Mill, SC, therefore over the past 10 years the city has seen an increase of about 30% in job opportunities.

With all that this city has to offer, many would consider Fort Mill, SC a good place to live. Overall the city of Fort Mill has something for everyone, but if you consider relocating to Fort Mill, you might be wondering how safe is it here? Is Fort Mill, South Carolina a safe city?

What is the crime rate in Fort Mill, South Carolina?

According to annual reported crimes, statistics show that the rate of crime in Fort Mill is about 45% lower than the rest of South Carolina. The crime rate for South Carolina is about 56% lower than the rest of the nation.

Property-related crimes are about 42% lower in Fort Mill, compared to the rest of South Carolina and the state has a 20% lower property crime rate than the national average. This makes the city of Fort Mill safer than 45% of the cities in the USA and year over year crimes in Fort Mill have decreased by about 19%.

Fort Mill has a safe community that can accommodate both young families and elderly people who are looking for a small community away from the noisy, crowded metropolitan areas. The costs of living in Fort Mill, although higher than the average of South Carolina, is close to the national average.

Therefore, if relocating here is something you consider, buying a house in Fort Mill is easy if you have the right help. With the help provided by our top realtors in Fort Mill SC, acquiring your dream home in the heart of the city is now more achievable than ever. Get to explore the city of Fort Mill, as you enjoy it’s rich culture and history through the eyes of a resident.


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