Definition of "Et con"

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Legal abbreviation meaning with husband.


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Comments for Et Con

Tina Murphy Tina Murphy said:

My husband passed away and his name is on the deed with mine but not on the mortgage. Can his creditors come after me and take my house for his unpaid bills that are in his name only?

Sep 23, 2020  10:46:06

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Tina!

We are sorry about your loss. Unfortunately, in many cases when people pass away, the estate is everything that they own. After death, if there are any debts left on the behalf of the deceased the lenders have the right to get paid from the estate. There are multiple scenarios that can happen and most commonly the heirs, take over the loan. Heirs can also refinance the mortgage or if there is a reverse mortgage on the property, the heir will inherit the home after the reverse mortgage balance is paid. In all the mentioned situations the lender has to get paid for the remaining debt. Even if the mortgage is paid and there are other unpaid bills on behalf of the deceased, since the house is the only significant asset left behind, some states might require you to sell it in order to pay non-mortgage debts.

Sep 28, 2020  12:47:37

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