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The Exclusive Agency Listing is regularly confused with the Exclusive Right to Sell Listing, but they are not the same. True: on both Listings, only 1 Broker or Agent has the right to sell the property.

However, different from the Exclusive Right to Sell Listing, whenever a home seller decides to go with the Exclusive Agency Listing, he retains the possibility of not paying the commission to the real estate broker or agent if said home seller found a home buyer with no help from the broker or agent.

Still, the broker or agent preserves some benefits with this type of Listing. For instance: with the Exclusive Agency Listing he (or she) will compete only with the home seller and not with other agents too. This is good news for the broker or agent because chances are that the home seller's network of possible buyers is much less threatening to his sale than the network of possible buyers from another broker or agent.

Exclusive Agency Listings balances the fact that the home seller needs the broker's best efforts to sell the house with the fact that the broker needs compensation guarantees. That compromise on both ends makes the Exclusive Agency Listing one of the most popular types of Listings in the real estate world.


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