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Multiple Listing is the kind of Listing that is registered by a broker or a real estate agent at the Multiple Listing System (MLS). If a house is directly sold by an owner – the so-called For Sale By Owner (or FSBO) – who is not a real estate agent or a broker, it will not be considered a Multiple Listing because a property can only be listed at the Multiple Listing System (MLS) by a real estate agent or a broker.


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Since the basic definition of what constitutes a Multiple Listing is directly linked to the Multiple Listing System (MLS) we recommend you read the Multiple Listing System (MLS) definition in our Glossary Terms.

And feel free to use our Real Estate Agent Directory to search for a real estate agent to help you better understand Multiple Listings; after all, they are the ones who created and keep the Multiple Listing System (MLS) running!

Comments for Multiple Listing

Jessie Jessie said:

Is net listing legal in US St. Croix, VI?

Jun 12, 2019  19:35:53

Real Estate Agent

Hello, Jessie! As you probably know, net listings in some states are not accepted, while in other states are discouraged. Digging for the right laws online not only takes a lot of time, but you may not even find what you are looking for, so our advice would be to get in touch with a real estate lawyer or ask a real estate agent from the Virgin Islands. They must know whether this practice is legal or not. 

Jun 13, 2019  07:40:16

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