Grandfather Clause

Definition of "Grandfather clause"

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Provision contained in a new policy that exempts from the rule an individual or business engaged in the real estate activity coming under regulation.

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Sue Chancy Sue Chancy said:

We have property, our home, for 11 years, our property is in the county, but we Re at He end of a cul de sac, where we were permitt d to put our driveway across the right of way of the city. The Road thru this area is a subdivision being constructed during the time of our attaching to the cup de sac. There has only one house ben built I. This development In 11 years....we were informed by the property owner that we are encroaching about 2 1/2 feet of pavement on his property and some greenery down the driveway is also,in his propoerty. We want to move the 2 1/2 feet of concrete and the plants off his property to eliminate our encroachment. THe City is telling us now that we will have to move our driveway off the right of way bear use the property owner does not want two driveways near the lot adjoining our property....there is. 15' right of way on each of our properties, Dos the city have the legal right to tell us to move our driveway?

Apr 25, 2018  19:44:23
Real Estate Agent

There's no simple answer to your question, Sue. 
We recommend you talk to a lawyer so he/she can help you figure out zoning loopholes and try to fight for your interests in this matter. Good luck!

Apr 27, 2018  17:09:50

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