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Definition of "Hearing"

Bill  Grannan & Terry Edwards
  Crystal Waters Realty

  1. An adversary hearing allows both parties to an issue to present their views.
  2. A public procedure performed by an administrative or legislative body to investigate certain matters and encourage an exchange or views as well as to present formal evidence of fact. A hearing is not a judicial proceeding per se, but it can reach an administrative conclusion to be used as a basis for forming an administrative decision. For example, a zoning variance appeal board can have public hearings to encourage an exchange of views and present evidence of fact regarding the effects of re-zoning a certain parcel of property. Based upon the results, a decision will be made by the zoning board of appeals as to whether or not a zoning appeal will be upheld, modified, or denied. The results of a hearing can be appealed to a judicial body.
  3. An ex parte hearing has only one party presenting his or her views relating to some matter

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