Is Virginia Beach An Expensive Place To Live?

Answer for "Is Virginia Beach an expensive place to live?"

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As you already know, Virginia, in general, is a trendy moving destination for various age demographics and people working in various domains. The great state of Virginia displays an abundance of breathtaking places to visit. Besides, it caters to the needs of young professionals, hipsters, millennials and Gen Z, snowbirds, and senior citizens starting fresh, you name it. 

What does living in Virginia Beach, VA, feel like?

Undoubtedly, Virginia Beach is one of the most popular relocation destinations in the US. This shouldn’t be shocking since the beach town shines with feel-good vibes, features sandy beaches, and boasts a super friendly local community. 

Virginia Beach is located in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News Metro Area, the most populous greater cosmopolitan area in the state. Living in the city displays a unique mix of suburban, metropolitan, waterfront residences and heartland environments.

Today’s article will primarily investigate the economic reasons behind Virginia Beach’s popularity.

The general cost of living in Virginia Beach

Prices in Virginia Beach are 5.6 percent higher than the national average as of late 2021. In addition, the cost of living in theresort town is four percent higher than the Virginia median value. 


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Suppose you want to compare our beloved city to New York, one of the most expensive American metropolises. In that case, you’ll learn that in Virginia Beach, one has to pay less than in the Big Apple to cover their monthly costs by approximately 35 percent (without rent.)

Monthly costs in Virginia Beach

If you’re single, expect monthly costs of about $912 without rent. Then, if you reside in Virginia Beach with a family of four, you will have to spend $3,250 for monthly costs without rent.  

Transportation expenses are lower than the US average. Besides, energy, utilities (such as natural gas and electricity), and food prices are more affordable here. On the other hand, health care costs (doctor’s office visits and dental checkups) are slightly higher than the national median.

How much does rent cost in Virginia Beach?

On average, a one-bedroom rental unit in downtown Virginia Beach costs $1,700 monthly. If you wish to rent an apartment with three bedrooms in the exact location, expect a monthly rent of about $3,000. 

Apartments for rent in Virginia Beach in the suburbs are definitely more affordable. A one-bedroom rental costs around $1,100. Simultaneously, you will have to pay a monthly rent of $1,900 for a unit with three bedrooms outside the city center.

Rental prices in Virginia Beach are costlier by eleven percent than the Virginia average. At the same time, a rental unit in the city costs less than a New York apartment for rent by about 56 percent. Under such circumstances, the beach town qualifies as oneof the US cities with the lowest rental prices.

Veritable alternative to rent in Virginia Beach.

Suppose you want to extend your stay in this fabulous resort town. In that case, we recommend you consider purchasing a home in Virginia Beach! In June 2022, the region’s median real estate sale price was approximately $350,000, only six percent higher than the state average! 

Home prices are soaring, especially considering the about eight percent increase since last year. One thing is sure, though; you can always count on expert local real estate agents in Virginia Beach VA! These skilled agents will guide you through the listed properties for sale and find the ideal one tailored to your budget!


Virginia Beach is a safe and welcoming community providing residents with first-class amenities and customer-friendly services. The local cost of living is slightly superior to the median values registered throughout the United States. However, the breathtaking environment and booming economy come at a price. 

Don’t let high prices in Virginia Beach rain on your parade, though! Rentals and some properties to buy are still available at advantageous prices. In short, Virginia Beach will become a weighty contender for the best places to live in Florida in terms of relocation.


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