Holding Period Return (HPR)

Definition of "Holding period return (HPR)"

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  1. The total return from holding a real estate investment for the holding period of time. The computation follows:
  2. For a mutual fund investing in a real estate, the return is in the form of: dividends, capital gains distribution, and price appreciation. The annual rate of return or the holding period return (HPR) in a mutual fund is computed as follows: HPR = (Dividends+capital gain distributions + (ending NAV - beginning NAV))/Beginning NAV, where NAV= net asset value and (ending NAV- beginning NAV) reflecting price appreciation. For example, assume that a mutual fund paid dividends 0f $1.00 and capital gain distributions of $.70 per share over the year, and had a price (NAV) at the beginning of the year of $12 that rose to $14 per share by the end of the year. The holding period return (HPR) is:

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