Is Gulf Breeze FL A Good Place To Live?

Answer for "Is Gulf Breeze FL A good place to live?"

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Located in close proximity to the westernmost metropolis of Florida, the city of Gulf Breeze, FL is a great destination for families and, as it has great assisted living facilities, retirees alike. With a growing population of over 7,000 residents it has a small town atmosphere which combines perfectly with some of the best holiday experiences available in Florida. In Gulf Breeze, Florida you can find few but highly rated schools and an abundant amount of amenities that fit perfectly with family-life. Real estate agents in Gulf Breeze FL can help you find the best home for your loved ones, but let’s see first what’s so great about living in Gulf Breeze.

Cost of living in Gulf Breeze Florida

The overall cost of living of any city is affected by the expenses required to live in that particular city when considering a family’s median income. Because of these contributing factors as some are more costly than the national average, many might jump to the conclusion that Gulf Breeze is an expensive city to live in. While it’s not particularly affordable, you shouldn’t jump to that conclusion without taking a look at the median household income. When that istaken into consideration it’s easy to understand that Gulf Breeze, Florida is actually 5% more affordable than the national average as well as 7% more affordable than the Florida average.


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Looking at the biggest influencer to the cost of living we can see the current cost for purchasing a home in Gulf Breeze, Florida is at the median price of $357,000 which is indeed more expensive than Navarre, FL which is close by or Pensacola, but cheaper than Destin, FL which has a similar holiday atmosphere. The difference, however, is made by the $103,000 median household income in Gulf Breeze, while in Pensacola it is $49,000 and in Navarre, FL it’s around $80,000. Not even Destin, FL which has houses at a median of $452,000 can surpass Gulf Breeze’s median income as it stops around $75,000.

Education and Safety in Gulf Breeze

For the families that have children of any ages, education and safety are of the utmost importance and with over 20% of the population being underage we’ll get into more details. In regards to safety, Gulf Breeze, Florida is safer than the areas surrounding it. While Pensacola is leading with the most numbers of crimes, its proximity doesn’t affect Gulf Breeze which actually is enjoying the same safety ratings as Destin, FL.

If you’re wondering whether Gulf Breeze, Florida is a good place to live for educational purposes you should know that the number of schools in a city does not affect the quality of the school district. At least it doesn’t in the case of the city of Gulf Breeze, FL. With only 5 public schools, the city manages to rank higher in the quality of education than Pensacola and Navarre, while Destin is the winner out of the four. However, the schools are all located close to each other and this makes for a very united community among the children.


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