Definition of "Lessor"

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Owner of real property who gives another the right to use it in return for rental payments. The three types of leases for the lessor are the direct financing lease, the sales-type lease, and the operating lease.


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Vivek Kumar Singh Vivek Kumar Singh said:

How can I start real state business

Oct 14, 2020  22:50:02

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Hey, Vivek!

It is an admirable decision but not an easy one. Not much can be said in a few sentences here in the comment section since it is a vast subject. Just like anything, really, you start by planning. Real estate is a vast industry that covers many niches, and you need to figure out what you want to do, and if that particular thing works in the area targeted by your business. You need to do some market research beforehand, build your brand, and have an online presence. We also have an article that talks more in-depth about how you can manage your real estate business for success, so be sure to check it out. I hope this information was useful.

Oct 23, 2020  08:54:43

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