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Plan describing both through narrative and maps the overall land use of a designated urban area. It includes both present property uses as well as future land development plans. Private developers can develop a master plan to guide their overall development plans. Governments create master plans to help guide the development of property zoning use designations.

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Dan Omerza Dan Omerza said:

What rights do homeowners have to maintain a master plan

Apr 01, 2018  18:44:31
Real Estate Agent

Hey, Dan!

Thank you for your question!

Homeowners don't have much of a say when dealing with the maintenance of "Master plans". That is because the term is used to refer to real estate development plans; which is something almost prior to the existence of a homeowner, right? A Master Plan is designed considering more than one house, so you can't really call it a homeowner one person that does a master plan: it's a developer. A private one or a government body.

However, there are homeowning rights in relation to master plans. When government or real estate developers design a master plan for a certain region, most of the times they cannot touch existing private properties. And homeowners can fight for the preservation of that area's design and historic landmarks. However, those rights vary from state to state, so you should find a real estate agent or a lawyer near you to guide you through whatever rights you are concerned with in connection with development master plans.

Apr 05, 2018  15:20:46

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