Is Virginia Beach Good Place To Retire?

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Regarding the best places to thrive and retire in the United States, Virginia ranks as one of the top five contenders. 

Why is Virginia such a popular relocation destination?

The state featuring “The River with the Big Bend,” which is the Tennessee River, excels in breathtaking landscapes. Let us showcase the most important reasons why so many Americans have put their faith in Virginia to move, such as the temperate climate and vivid cultural diversity.

In short, The Big Bend State is an all-inclusive community that caters to every age demographic, targeting young professionals, families, and senior citizens. And Virginia Beach proudly embraces and promotes the idea of retirement being a new start.

Virginia Beach is everything you wanted and more

Are you planning an early retirement? Suppose you’re considering getting first-hand experience at the tempting beach living. And now you’re searching for an affordable beach town and prime vacation resort besides the usual trending places to retire. Then, you’ve come to the right place! Real estate-wise, Virginia Beach features affordable homes and more extravagant options. 

The Virginia Beach housing market displays affordable real estate.

If you’re into purchasing luxurious waterfront properties, you can find them here! Virginia Beach caters to buyers in search of beach homes with river access as well. You should also know that the median home sale price in Virginia Beach was approximately $350,000 as of June 2022. Prices are expected to increase as the local housing market is highly competitive.


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Virginia Beach through the lens

Located on the Commonwealth of Virginia’s southeastern coast, Virginia Beach is the state’s largest city, with approximately 467,000 residents. At first sight, it may seem suburban, but Virginia Beach also serves as a mecca for national commercial companies.

Though Virginia Beach is an independent city, meaning it doesn’t belong to any Virginia county, the place still thrives due to promising economic prospects, such as Amazon establishing local headquarters. 

Natural splendors for senior citizens to enjoy in Virginia Beach

First, Virginia Beach, VA’s climate favors the elderly. Winters are moderate, while summers are extremely enjoyable. Retirees can stroll for endless hours, enjoying the pristine white sand and 35-mile-long shoreline beaches. In addition, the water temperature reaches 81 Fahrenheit in August. 

Why don’t you explore the famous Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge to take refuge from the crowded areas? You can also go kayaking, fishing, or canoeing. Furthermore, the Blue Ridge Mountains in the vicinity offer a superb alternative to the beaches if you grow tired of the traditional scenery. 

Unique pastime activities

Senior citizens can easily find a part-time job in the region if they wish, as the local unemployment rate is significantly below the national average. However, they can indulge in exciting pastime activities, such as golf (even ten months a year) and retirement-friendly hobbies. Secondly, they can join a retirement community to enjoy life amongst peers, safety, and security. 

Then, golden-agers can go shopping at Virginia Beach’s Town Center, an excellent entertainment venue featuring restaurants and an artistic haven called the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts.

Disadvantages of living in Virginia Beach, VA

Living in Virginia Beach is slightly more costly than in other Virginia cities. Moreover, the cost of living in Virginia Beach is higher than the US average by about 5.6 percent, yet prices have remained reasonable. Secondly, the Naval Air Station Oceana is stationed in the city, generating jet noise in various parts of town. Thirdly, the city can rarely be exposed to coastal storms and flooding.


All aspects explain why Virginia Beach is the ideal retirement destination. The climate, the warm and welcoming environment, the countless indoors and open-air activities, and the moderate cost of living are all crucial perks retirees can enjoy in Virginia Beach!


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