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Definition of "Plottage in real estate"

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The definition of plottage in real estate is simple. When you combine multiple pieces of land into one large parcel, the plot appreciates in value. This is not to be confused with the process of combining multiple plots of land into a single larger plot, which is known as assemblage in real estate

Plottage in real estate is very common in urban areas that have large areas areas covered with small, undeveloped, individually owned parcels of land. Firms will buy up large quantities of these individually owned plots and combine them into large plots perfect for the development of condominium complexes or other types of real estate developments. This is what plottage in real estate development means. 

Examples of plottage in real estate 

Plottage in real estate can occur in a variety of different scenarios. As previously shown, plottage is most common where there are large areas of undeveloped land in close proximity to urban population centers, but it occurs under other scenarios as well. 

Another common instance of plottage in real estate is that of suburban areas transitioning into larger commercial holdings. Firms buy up plots of land in suburban areas to make way for the growth of cities in order to construct larger commercial complexes, such as shopping malls or office spaces. 

An additional example of plottage in real estate often occurs with the expansion of agricultural firms, where expanding farming operations require more land on which to grow crops or livestock. Expanding farming operations will buy up plots of land surrounding theirs and construct the necessary structures and install the necessary machinery for their agricultural operations. 

These are just a few of the many examples of plottage in real estate. Plottage is very common in quickly developing cities and other fast-growing areas of the country, and its occurrence and effects can be observed throughout the entire country.


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