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When you take a look at the small city of Pasadena, MD you will see a very tight-knit community. With a population of around 31,000 residents, this census-designated town confuses the radar as it is spread across from Governor Ritchie Highway all the way towards the shores of the Patapsco River. The city of Pasadena, MD is a suburb of Baltimore being located less than half an hour away. With an average age of 35.8, the residents of Pasadena are young and 75% of them are part of young families that took to naming this city their home.

Living in Pasadena, MD

Because of its small-town feel and interconnected community, Pasadena, MD is a good place to live. There are two high schools that make it easy for the whole community to get involved in the education of its students. During football season especially, you’ll see the entire community rooting for their respective high school.

With such a big percentage of its population contributing to the married demographics and with 53% of these families having children, the city of Pasadena, MD is a good place to live for those who want a peaceful family life. There are many waterfront homes for sale in Pasadena where you can raise your family in a calm and quiet environment, right by the edge of Patapsco River. If you are looking for that family-oriented small town kind of life, you can reach out to our local real estate agents in Pasadena MD for more information. 

Cost of living in Pasadena, MD

Overall the cost of living in Pasadena is higher than the national average. Being 1.2 times more expensive to live here than the majority of the rest of the country, you might think that would discourage people from wanting to move here. However, life in the suburbs is something that draws people here as it’s safer than the metropolitan areas close to it.

The biggest expense is housing. In Pasadena, MD the median home price is $330,000 which is higher than the national average by 5.4% and in turn only increases the cost of living. With the median household income at $103,000, it is interesting to see that over 80% of Pasadena’s residents own their home taking into consideration the fact homes aren’t easily affordable here. The other expenses that increase the cost of living in Pasadena, MD when compared to the national are transportation (13.6% higher), healthcare (24.7%) and groceries (27.9% higher).


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