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Want to understand exactly what is a real estate consultant?

Well, it’s hard to define a real estate consultant by its duties, because it’s very similar to that of a real estate agent. What really defines a real estate consultant and sets it apart from a real estate agent is the fact that the former can charge you for his time and expertise and through a commission, while the latter will generally only charge for the potential sale through commission.

Real Estate Consultants are professionals responsible for providing data, analysis, and advice for homebuyers, real estate companies and professionals via research aligned with their extensive experience in the housing industry. And they make themselves necessary for better understanding the market, whether you are a company in need of an unbiased point of view, or a homebuyer who’s wondering if a house should be put for sale or renovated, for instance. In both examples, notice how a real estate agent would not fit, as there could be no sale at all for him/her to profit a commission from. A real estate consultant has only one horse in the race: presenting a good research/analysis/advice for you. His/Her money is guaranteed independently from the amount of the sale or from the occurrence of a sale at all.

It’s hard to quantify all the knowledge required by a real estate consultant. A knowledge threshold is more likely to be estimated: real estate consultants should have experience and applicable and theoretical knowledge of how things generally work in the real estate industry in all levels. The more or less above this threshold, the more complete or incomplete that professional is.


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