Definition of "Recordation"

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The act of recording of deeds and other property instruments in a public registry. Recordation gives public notice of ownership claims on property as well as any other legal or financial claims. Public recording of property claims protects those who do so from unrecorded claims.

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Comments for Recordation

Fe Lagundi Fe Lagundi said:

is recordation same as closing

Jun 21, 2018  22:47:05

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Fe!
Thanks for reaching out!

No, they are different things. Actually, recordation is part of the closing, but it can happen outside of it too. While Closing is the whole process that starts with the home buyer agreeing on a fair market value with the home seller and ends with the new homeowner moving to the new house, Recordation happens anytime documents regarding the property need to be "recorded" in the public records. On the case of closing, when the mortgage is ceded by a lender and a title transfer is done, a recordation happens.

Jun 22, 2018  10:23:47


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