Definition of "Closing Process"

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The closing process is the final step of a property sale. It starts when the home seller agrees to the home buyer’s offer and it ends after all Closing costs are paid and the title of the property is finally transferred to the new homeowner.

Although it is the moment all parties anticipate the most, truth is it can be a stressful moment. Many first time home buyers don’t realize the amount of closing costs there are. Depending on the state and the type of property, it passes the dozen! So an arm-wrestle begins regarding who pays for the closing process. And also, at times, first time home sellers did not really prepare to vacate the property on time and now they need more time to leave the home… It can become a nightmare; and the closing process - that seemed like an easy glorious moment where the home buyer and the home seller finally sign the transfer of the title of property and toast with champagne – just drags on and on.

Closing is not an event, but a process; that's why it's called Closing Process and not "Closing Event".

So, approach it with care. Look at the big picture and know that the hardest part – agreeing on the homes fair market value – has been achieved. Take a deep breath, surround yourself with professionals and good luck!


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