Rent With Option To Buy

Definition of "Rent with option to buy"

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Sometimes a landlord agrees to implement within the rent contract the possibility of the tenant buying the house at a certain price, by a certain date. It’s what’s called in the real estate world as a Rent with Option to Buy or a Rent to Own.

A rent with option to buy is a lease with a purchase option - not obligation. So it’s a great opportunity for the tenants, who can make a “test drive” of the house getting a feel for the neighborhood, its community and services before making a big financial commitment. It also warrants them time to save more money and get rid of certain impediments that could make a house sale go south.

Also, and super important in volatile markets, a rent with option to buy stipulates the selling price at the beginning of the relationship. When time comes to exercise the option, if the prices went up… too bad for the landlord. Tenant’s paying exactly what was agreed early on. But hey; if prices went down: tough luck, Tenant. Landlord gets the money!

Rent with option to buy is good for landlords as well, since they are earning rent money throughout the relationship and, in the end, might even sell the house.



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